Women Writers, Women’s Books

I share the realities of my book tour and how I discovered a world of enthusiastic book clubs in my recent article for Women Writers, Women’s Books magazine.
When I announced the release date of my debut novel, The House of Bradbury, the first question people asked was, “When’s the big book tour?” After rattling off […]

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Upcoming Workshops

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Named Best Book 2016 by Refinery29

The House of Bradbury was recently named a “Best Book of 2016” by Refinery29.
I like a good Netflix binge as much as the next woman. But when I look back at 2016 and think about the moments I’ve really enjoyed luxuriating at home, they were mostly Sunday mornings I spent in bed with a book. […]

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Named Ultimate Summer Read by Sunset

The House of Bradbury was named an ultimate summer read by Sunset Magazine.

Sunset contributor Robert Clark shares the must-read titles for your summer reading list.

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the West Coast is the best coast, so it’s no shock that the hottest literary gems this summer were created by local talent. These writers are the […]

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Named Hot New Book by Coastal Living

Coastal Living Magazine named The House of Bradbury one of “16 Hot New Books to Read This Summer!”
Looking for a hot summer read to take with you on your trip to the coast? Look no further than our Daily Catch Summer Book Picks!

The House of Bradbury by Nicole Meier

Mia Gladwell has lost everything: her debut novel […]

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