I share the realities of my book tour and how I discovered a world of enthusiastic book clubs in my recent article for Women Writers, Women’s Books magazine.

When I announced the release date of my debut novel, The House of Bradbury, the first question people asked was, “When’s the big book tour?” After rattling off a couple of venues in the works, I was greeted with wide eyes and enthusiastic nods. I could tell my reality was suddenly being compared to every writerly movie ever seen.

Of all the things that can be romanticized about an author’s life, a glamorous tour is certainly one of them. I’m not going to lie; I kind of salivated at the idea of booking appearances. I’m an extrovert and it was easy to get swept up in Carrie Bradshaw-inspired fantasies. I wanted to celebrate, sign books, and read excerpts!

In an attempt to ground myself, I did a little research. I kept my eye on tour dates for authors I admired and attended a handful of talks in my area. I’m so glad I did. While the authors who appeared were well marketed and fairly established in their careers, few of them were able to actually fill a bookstore.

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